Universal Music


Newtown, Sydney




I was commissioned by Universal Music to paint a mural on the infamous Marys Wall in Newtown. This mural was a part of the overall content for the worldwide release of UK Rapper/ Artist Stormzy.

The concept behind this image was focused on evolution of Stormzy not only as a heavy hitting grime artist exploding on the scene to work his way to be the undisputed King of grime, but Stormzy the man, who is now one of the greatest poets of his generation, whose depth of thought and versatility as an artist has covered almost all genres and influenced millions worldwide.

This artwork aims to reflect that harmony and versatility, with three extremely powerful images of a man who has bridged styles and genres, and is at the top of the world. The photographs are surrounded by 12 gold bars, representing the 12 tracks on the album.

As a fan myself, the peace and confidence in his music and persona that has developed Stormzy as his star has risen is extremely admirable and inspiring. He’s become comfortable enough in his journey to push the boundaries and challenge the conception of what a ‘rap star’ can achieve, and that’s what I aim to display in this concept.


Photo credit: Maclay Heriot @maclayheriot