Hilltop Rural Fire Station






I had the honour of immortalising Brian Coates and John Matters on the side of the Hilltop RFS station, a station which they not only helped raise funds for and helped build, but have both been volunteers of for 70 years and remain active to this day.

Two hard working salt of the earth Aussies characters who have been close mates since school, both beloved and respected within their communities, these great men have spent countless hours sacrificing their own time for the safety of the community they love. Both John and Brian remain heavily involved with the brigade, mentoring younger members, extending to even a few years ago, when much of the rural southern highlands towns were devastated by roaring fires, they put their uniforms back on, helping lead trucks through fire trails amongst many other acts of service, both knowing the land like the back of their hands.

This mural isn’t just about them, but the community as a whole and all the hard working volunteers and paid firefighters that selflessly put themselves in danger for the good of others.

This mural directly related to a painting across the road in which I painted for STA Paint the Town festival, and organised this second wall shortly after. I’ve been welcomed into the Hilltop community with open arms and have been really touched by the kindness and generosity of everyone within the town, it’s a huge honour to be able to tell these stories.