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“Botanical Reflections” is a concept that speaks to the wonder of the Wollongong area and the amazing water based wildlife that surrounds us.

This concept came to me after a sunrise surf with my friend, renowned local surfer Jess Taylor (featured), we decided to take a stroll through the botanical gardens, a place we both often go to when we need moments of clarity, and I place I love to go to get reference photos for mural projects.

While waiting for waves to roll through during our surf I sat in wonder watching the ‘welcome swallows’ patrol the skies and pick off any bugs flying above the surface of the ocean, then as I found myself sitting only a few hours later by a pond enjoying a coffee with Jess, watching the same morning birds who had now migrated to the waterways in the botanical gardens for their post surf snack.
They swooped like jet fighters past huge lotus flowers that seemed to be opening and stretching into the morning sun, while long tailed koi fish gracefully swam past the water, hardly making a ripple as the sun glistened off the sweeping tail of the fish, they seemed to almost change colour with the movement of the water. I immediately felt so incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful place, wedged between an escarpment and the ocean that offers so much life to so many creatures.
I feel such a strong connection to not only the ocean, but most bodies of water I find very calming and a great place to reflect. The wild and exotic flora and fauna that populate these areas and adapt to live in harmony with the flow of the water, giving life to everything around it.

This theme of reflection will be exemplified with the use of luminous paint, which will subtly glow in the dark, and hold a light charge when lights are shined on the paint. The roof will also have reflective sections in the water of the upside down pond, allowing you to see yourself through the stars, which will illuminate from the camera flash as people hold their phones up to take a video, gently fading as they walk away.